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MMF believes that effective communication is the key to long term change and conservation impact, with the community having a strong role to play. We have had a presence at various markets and festivals across Victoria, including the Main Street Mornington Festival, Sandringham Village Festival and the International Boat Show.

MMF understand that no one person has the solution to conservation, protection and awareness and are actively involved with numerous other collaborative events that share similar ethics, goals and outcomes. MMF has been a part of Clean up Australia, Seal the Loop Action Days and Beach Patrol clean-up events.

Communication of our applied research outcomes have been delivered through community events such as National Science Week, Environment and Marine Careers Expos, various community group and Rotary meetings and AGMs, CoastCare Summer by the Sea programs and coastal ecology workshops, Women In Science Breakfast…just to name a few.

Upcoming Events

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 global pandemic all previously posted events have been cancelled.

Instead we have some FINtastic online events.

Virtually Marine Mammals

Join the Marine Mammal Foundation online and hear all about our research, education and outreach initiatives. Ensuring what we do today, creates a better tomorrow.

Dolphins at your Desktop with Dr Kate Tuesday 7th April @ 2:30pm AEST

Join Dr Kate on her journey of Burrunan dolphin discovery and learn about the steps she has taken to create greater awareness and conservation of this endangered species.

Meet the Researchers Thursday 9th April @ 2:30pm AEST

Hear all about “Project Burrunan” from how we identify Burrunan, population estimates and distribution, dolphin acoustics and marine mammal health projects.

Connecting with Community Tuesday 14th April @ 2:30pm AEST

Meet the MMF education and outreach team and hear about how our internationally recognised programs are connecting with schools, youth and the wider community. From our Marine Champions to our citizen science program Burrunan Watch

Marine Litter Project Thursday 17th April @ 2:30pm AEST

With marine litter being a huge environmental impact, learn all about what we can all do to help. Simple changes can make big difference…even with social distancing!

Register your interest today or email events@marinemammal.org.au 

Virtually Marine Mammals

CURRENTLY ‘on hold’
Weekly Burrunan Watch – Gippsland Lakes Lakes Champions

Join our Lakes Champions Citizen Science Program ‘Burrunan Watch’

Bullock Island, Lakes Entrance: every Wednesday and Saturday; 10am-4pm
Paynesville and Metung TBC
Email Caitlin for more information or to register to attend

Previous Events

If you are interested in MMF attending your event please email info@marinemammal.org.au

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