Outreach & Discovery Programs

MMF’s Outreach and Discovery programs are designed to make science accessible to all members of the community and extend scientific knowledge through fun, engaging, and interactive experiences.

Built from MMF applied research around human impact, our Outreach Programs are filled with stimulating and relatable content that aims to foster appreciation and extend understanding of marine environments. Following a structured format, our Outreach Programs seek to encourage participants to make a change in their local environment for the benefit of ocean health. They are delivered using a holistic approach to learning, including lecture-style delivery, question-and-answer interactivity, case study investigation, and empowerment strategies for the mobilisation of action.

MMF’s Discovery Programs provide a more general exploration into marine science concepts and aim to spark intrigue around the vast nature of both our local and global marine environments. The programs draw on our applied research of the local Burrunan dolphins, explore other unique marine mammal species, and understand the vital importance of our oceans. They foster curiosity, exploration and a craving for knowledge in the minds of citizen scientists; young and old.

All of our Outreach and Discovery Programs can be tailored to meet the needs of a range of audiences, including primary and secondary schools, community groups of all ages and purposes, and school holiday programs. Our programs are perfectly suited to supplement academic lines of inquiry, celebrate special ‘event days’ (such as World Oceans Day), or raise awareness of issues that threaten our precious local and international marine environments.

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Our Programs

Marine Litter Project

Spending thousands of hours on the water conducting our applied marine mammal research, the Marine Mammal Foundation directly witnesses the huge impact our litter has on our marine mammals and their environment. The Marine Litter Project is an engaging and interactive program designed to inspire appreciation of marine environments, highlight the litter threat, and empower action to make a difference!

See the diversity of Victoria’s marine mammals and get to know our individual Burrunan dolphins through their unique nicks and notches. Explore the negative impact litter and marine debris has on these amazing animals through ingestion and entanglement, and discover how small actions can make a positive difference.

The Marine Litter Project is region specific (Bin Not Bay, Litter Free Lakes, Bin Not Beach), and is varied and accessible in its delivery. Programs are titled and adjusted according to their proximity to local marine environments, to contextualise the program content and reinforce the importance of action at a local level. Classroom-based programs are tailored for year-level participation from Foundation through to VCE. Community group participation is also available for local clubs and groups.

Dolphin Discovery

Did you know a new species of dolphin was discovered in Victoria in 2011? Do you know how we identify individual dolphins from each other? Do you know what a dolphin sounds like?

Let us take you on the journey of discovery of the Burrunan dolphin in our exciting Dolphin Discovery program. Learn everything we know about this newly described and endangered species, including how we identify individual dolphins through their unique nicks and notches, how we get to know them by tracking social behaviours, and what we have discovered about their history through ground-breaking applied science. Get to know our dolphin’s life-stories, and who’s who in our Burrunan populations. Listen to our dolphins using echolocation to communicate underwater, see beautiful images and video, and discover how we can all help protect this amazing new species!

Marvelous Marine Mammals

From resident dolphins and seals to migratory whales, Victoria’s coasts have an incredible diversity of marine mammals.

This exciting program highlights the marine mammals that call our local marine environments home, including Burrunan dolphins, short beaked common dolphins, Australian fur seals, humpback whales, and orcas – just to name a few!

See images and videos of these incredible animals in our own watery backyard, get hands on with dolphin and seal skulls, and discover how we can all make a difference to keep our local marine environments safe and healthy for these amazing animals.

Our Amazing Oceans

The Earth’s surface is covered by vast oceans, seas, lakes, billabongs, estuaries and other watery bodies. In fact, 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, and of that, 97% is ocean! Our oceans are therefore important not just a habitat for life, but also as a vital resource for humans and a driver of the world’s climate. This program takes you below the surface to journey through the vastly different ocean zones, and the conditions driving life in these inviting and enriching, or harsh and hostile environments. Learn about the role our oceans play in effecting climate around the globe, the importance of our oceans as a carbon sink, and how the world’s oceans are connected through oceanic currents. Discover just what life is like for marine creatures great and small in the watery depths of Our Amazing Oceans.

Sustainability in a Changing World

Our Sustainability in a Changing World program introduces the concept of sustainability, the social, financial and environmental costs of failing to live sustainably, and explores varying perspectives on sustainability from the viewpoint of local and global stakeholders. This program encourages students to be aware of sustainability in both the local and global context, facilitates discussion around intrinsic and extrinsic values held by individuals, industries, and governments, and focuses on empowering participants to live sustainably by fostering a sense of stewardship for the environments we live in.

Through a practical activity, participants have the opportunity to engage in a sustainability in society discussion, are encouraged to explore ideas for sustainable solutions, and are challenged to consider viewpoints and values of sustainability which may not align to their own, to gain a holistic understanding of the content and reinforce the session’s themes.

If you would like more information or to book one of our programs, please email outreach@marinemammal.org.au or complete the enquiry form.

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