Marine Champions

About Our Program

We at MMF know that we are not the only ones who love absolutely everything about our oceans! Our Marine Champions program provides the opportunity for young people, schools, and community groups to also share their passion for the environment, conservation, and everything marine mammal!

Along with our unique and endemic Burrunan dolphins, Victoria’s coastal environments are home to some of the most beautiful and unique marine life in the world. From visiting humpback whales, to our fabulous fish species, and our vibrant temperate rocky reefs, Victoria’s marine environments are an integral part of our identity.

Marine Champions will work alongside the MMF team to create, develop, and share their own projects. Whether it be organising clean-up events at school, creating art pieces for display in community spaces, or participating at festivals and events, Marine Champions will be given the opportunity to undertake their own self-guided learning and become leaders in their communities. Through hands-on support, MMF will provide Marine Champions with the tools to make a difference within the environment.

The Marine Champions project will equip budding marine biologists and conservationists with not only knowledge about the marine environment, but also the skills needed for future careers in marine science. We want to share our love and knowledge of the marine environment with the next generation of passionate marine biologists, conservationists, and future leaders!

To become one of our incredible Marine Champions, email MMF at