Marine Champions

About Our Program

Along with our unique and endemic Burrunan dolphins, Victoria’s coastal environments are home to some of the most beautiful and unique marine life in the world. From visiting humpback whales, to our fabulous fish species, and our vibrant temperate rocky reefs, Victoria’s marine environments are an integral part of our identity.

However, the biggest threat to our incredible coastline, and marine environments all over the world, is unfortunately us! Our litter and waste is a significant problem, with thousands of animals killed from entanglements and plastic ingestion each year. Annually, an estimated 12.5 million metric tonnes of plastic enter the world’s oceans! Fortunately, this is a problem that we can fix! Research suggests that litter in our region is staying local, therefore we have a great opportunity to take action.

Marine Champions, as part of Marine Mammal Foundation’s Marine Environment Litter Program, calls on individuals to become a leader in their local community, school, and environment and take an active role in reducing the litter impact. MMF’s enthusiastic Marine Champions will set the example for sustainable actions aimed at reducing the litter threat within their local environments.

Marine Champions will work closely with the MMF team, in organising activities within their local communities, providing conservation action, and reporting and spreading the success of their litter prevention. Marine Champions will also be provided with the opportunity to participate in MMF programs, assist in the field, and develop skills that can be shared within their local communities. Small actions can have a big impact, and by working together we can make a big difference!

To become one of our incredible Marine Champions, email MMF at