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MMF’s Marine Champions’ Sustainable Steps Guide.

Ensuring what we do today, creates a better tomorrow.

The Sustainable Steps Guide is a resource created by the Marine Mammal Foundation’s Marine Champions, demonstrating how to make a difference in your community. This guide has been designed to provide you with campaigns, ideas, and handy hints for you to improve sustainability or further conservation action within your school or local area.
All of the initiatives in this guide were ideas of Marine Champions, sparked by recognising these issues as common sustainability threats that can be improved. By following our step-by-step guide, you can become a leader for change by establishing one or more of these programs in your school or local community.

Our Marine Champions leaders are always willing to lend a hand in helping you achieve your sustainability goals! Feel free to reach out to them at any time.

July 2018

Sustainable Steps Guide

Covered in the Guide

School Canteens. School canteens are usually one of the biggest sources of plastic pollution in a school. Items found in canteens, such as plastic wrap, plastic cultery, plastic plates and many more are all harmful for the environment, and can be replaced with other sustainable, biodegradable or reusable items.

Creating an environment group or committee. Gather together like-minded and dedicated student to lead sustainable change in your school.

Correct Bins. Having the right bins in your classroom is a great way to reduce waste at school. Having different bins for rubbish, recycling, and soft plastic helps reduce classroom waste and promotes correct litter disposal.

Organising a clean-up. Clean-ups are a great way to get many people involved while making a difference in the environment. Whether it is the school yard or a local park, every little bit counts!

and so much more!

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Marine Champions

 Marine Champions is designed for young people to share their passion for marine mammals, conservation and the environment, Marine Champions is an extension program that will provide hands-on action opportunities and learning experiences for young people to gain a stronger understanding of marine science and sustainability.

Under the guidance of Marine Champions Leaders, participants will be given the opportunity to work with the MMF core team, meet other like-minded young people, and participate in a variety of unique activities and guided MMF expeditions. Marine Champions will be provided with the tools and support to create, develop and share their own projects with each other and their community, interacting directly with our marine mammal research and gaining leadership skills to make a difference within the environment.

It’s simple to become a Marine Champion, fill in or expression of interest and one of our Marine Champions Leaders will be in touch!

Marine Champions is a membership based program, run predominately during the school holidays, across Port Phillip Bay and the Gippsland Lakes.

If you would like more information or to book one of our programs, please email outreach@marinemammal.org.au or complete the enquiry form.

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