Wear your SkelePin Fin Pin with pride and support MMFs research and conservation endeavours!

  • 2” inches
  • silver plating

This pin is from the Fin Pin Shop SkelePins collection that exposes the anatomy of some of our favorite sea creatures!

Different whale designs to choose from; Humpback whale, Southern right whale, and dolphin.

MMF and Jaclyn starting working together during the 2018 EarthEcho International ‘Plastic Seas Expedition’, which aimed to raise awareness of the plastics issue across the globe, and was held right here in Melbourne, Australia. These designs celebrate our shared passion for the marine environment.

About The Fin Pin Shop

We are two biologists who want to share our passion for marine life with you through our products, and we hope you do the same. Some of our products donate to research and ocean conservation. Show your love for the ocean with this fintastic flair! 

Jaclyn is an avid ocean advocate and ocean lover. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Ohio University in Marine Biology and a Master’s degree from Nova Southeastern University in Environmental Education. Jaclyn is the Expeditions Manager for EarthEcho International. She’s also a SCUBA Instructor.
Yasmin is an artist and ocean advocate. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree from University of Tampa in Biology and a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from Drexel University. She believes art plays a powerful role in fostering environmental awareness and creates all our designs with that goal.


Additional information

Skeleton Design

humpback, southern right, dolphin

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