MMF ‘Shopping’ Eco-Pack

MMF ‘Shopping’ Eco-Pack


It’s estimated that currently only 3% of Australia’s plastic bag waste is being recycled, resulting in many single-use soft plastic items being sent to landfill, and often into our environment. Reduce your contribution to the mass of single-use plastic waste by eliminating single-use plastic shopping bags all together! 

Our Shopping Pack makes it easy for you to grab and go for easy, single-use plastic free fresh food shopping.

This Pack includes:

  • two MMF reusable foldaway bags and
  • one set of MMF grocery bags (with 5 mesh bags).

Individual retail value $45

All items are available for individual purchase in our Eco Shop. All profits from your purchases go towards helping the ongoing research and conservation of our amazing marine mammals.

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Dark Blue with teal band and lid, Teal with light blue band and lid

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