Rice Husk EcoMug

Rice Husk EcoMug


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It is estimated that 500 billion disposable cups are discarded to landfill every year. Make a difference and bring-you-own-mug! 

MMFs rice husk eco-mugs are reusable 300ml, double wall reusable coffee cup will keep drinks hot for longer, yet remain cool on the outside is an ideal tool to use. Manufactured from a 50/50 blend of natural rice husk fibre and food grade polypropylene which is lead, cadmium and BPA free.

Rice husk is a waste product with little value and the agricultural industry often dispose of it by burning which creates air pollution. Using it reduces the amount of plastic used and accelerates its biodegradability.


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Dark Blue with teal band and lid, Teal with light blue band and lid

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