Keep it Real with a Seal

Keep it Real with a Seal


Keep it Real with a Seal and make a difference helping to conserve and protect Australia’s amazing marine mammals for future generations to enjoy!

The population structure and ecology of the Port Phillip Bay and the Gippsland Lakes Australian & long-nosed fur seals is largely unknown, with seal studies primarily focusing on populations surrounding Phillip Island (Seal Rocks) and the various Bass Strait islands. It is therefore unknown how large the population is, whether the population is increasing/decreasing, whether the population is made up of the same resident seals or transient seals, or how their social structure works.

The seals are subject to numerous threats, such as entanglements from fishing lines, impacts from rubbish and plastics, boating impacts and other human induced threats. MMF is working with government organsiation to better understand and protect the seals, conducting crucial science which underpins management. Your support helps us conduct this critical research.

Your Keep it Real with a Seal package includes:

  • MMF Keep it Real with a Seal Adoption Certificate –
    • Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions we will email the e-Certificate (rather than a printed Certificate).
  • MMF Membership (annual)
  • Information about seals in the region.
  • Updates on MMF seal research.
  • Marine Mammal Information Sheets.
  • MMF Cap.
  • MMF Eco-mug.
  • MMF calico bag.
  • eNewsletter updates on MMFs endeavours.
  • Invitations to MMF Members events.

MMF is a small not-for-profit ACNC Registered Charity organisation…you can rest assured knowing that every contribution to MMF goes a long way to achieving our big mission!

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