Online School Education Programs

Our interactive 60-75 minute online incursions are delivered by qualified scientists
and experienced science communicators, delivering interactive and informative
education programs. Each program includes an introductory and
background presentation and an interactive experience/workshop or applied research
activity for the students to collect, use and assess biological data. We have
options for larger unit based assignments.
Our online incursions are delivered via a safe platform and provide
the students and teachers with the resources for an interactive learning experience.
Topics cover the newly described and endangered Burrunan dolphin, other
amazing marine mammals, and current topics related to marine litter
and sustainability. Our online programs are delivered via single virtual classroom sessions
to multi-session workshops.
Online Programs:
  • Populations
  • Sustainability in a Changing World
  • Marine Litter Project – regional specific in single session or multi-session workshop
    • Bin Not Bay: Port Phillip Bay
    • Litter Free Lakes: Gippsland Lakes
    • Bin Not Beach: Coastal
  • Marvellous Marine Mammals
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    Online Programs


    Our program ‘Population assessments of Burrunan dolphins’ allows students to become a dolphin researcher during the incursion using the Foundation’s current techniques of robust dolphin population modelling. Students learn how to distinguish individual dolphins based on nicks and notches along the dorsal fin and, during the practical component, use our current photographic catalogue to identify dolphins across seasonal survey periods. This data is used to assess the population structure. Is the dolphin a resident or transient individual within the population? Abiotic and biotic factors as well as anthropogenic impacts that may influence the population are also examined.

    This program is most suitable for Secondary, but can be adaptable for Primary

    Flap dolphin

    Sustainability in a Changing World

    Our ‘Sustainability in a Changing World’ program introduces the concept sustainability, the impacts we as humans are having on our planet and the long term concerns facing us if we don’t “make a change”. This program raises awareness of sustainability at all levels – ecosystem, global and into the future. Despite issues in society of neglect of sustainability, we focus on empowering the students and enabling a sense of stewardship.

    This online program will give students to have break out sessions with MMF guided discussions, giving them the opportunity to take the position of different stakeholders in a sustainability issue in society, and develop the viewpoint of their stakeholder in relation to the issue.

    This program is most suitable for Secondary.


    Marine Litter Project Workshops

    This multi-session program introduces students to Victoria’s incredible marine mammal diversity, highlights the impact of litter on marine environments, and tasks them with undertaking sustainable action to make a difference in their own classrooms! Across three MMF-led sessions, students participate in interactive presentations from MMF educators with all relevant materials provided. In the first session, students are introduced to the impact of litter in the marine environment and tasked with undertaking a household waste audit. The second session continues this theme and highlights the importance of campaigns and sustainability initiatives in reducing the litter threat. Results of the household waste audit are collated and analysed, and students are challenged with implementing such initiatives in a second household waste audit. The final session highlights the impact of sustainable living initiatives through comparison of household waste audit results.Through this program, students will gain a thorough understanding of the impact of litter on marine environments locally, and its effects globally and be able to effectively collect and present data, and use results to develop understanding and make informed decisions.

    This program is suitable for secondary students

    Bin Not Bay

    Did you know that a new species of dolphin was discovered in Port Phillip Bay? Bin Not Bay is designed to inspire appreciation of the Bay’s amazing marine biodiversity, while highlighting the impact of our litter to encourage long-lasting positive change to protect our unique marine life, including the newly discovered Burrunan dolphin!

    This program is suitable for primary and secondary students

    Litter Free Lakes

    Litter Free Lakes, as part of Marine Mammal Foundation’s Marine Environment Litter Program, is designed to inspire appreciation of the Gippsland Lakes’ amazing marine biodiversity, while highlighting the impact of our litter to encourage action and create long-lasting behaviour change to protect our unique marine life, including the amazing Burrunan dolphin.

    This program is suitable for primary and secondary students

    Marvellous Marine Mammals

    Dive in and meet the marvellous marine mammals of Victoria’s biodiverse and ecologically unique marine environments! Join us on a voyage of dolphin discovery, as we journey through our watery backyards in search of sea-faring cousins, big and small!

    It is not widely understood just how many species of marine mammals inhabit Victorian waters, both resident species that call our ports and coast lines home, and transient species that visit our shores at different times of year for different purposes. In this online education session, the Marine Mammal Foundation will explore the many species of marine mammals found in our oceans, bays and lakes, discuss their importance for ecological health, and highlight the very simple ways students are able to contribute to the health and well-being of marine ecosystems. Students are given the opportunity to develop emotional connection to these charismatic megafauna, an experience that is otherwise inaccessible for those that do not work with these animals directly, instilling a sense of stewardship for marine creatures and the marine environment. 

    The program employs a combination of audio and visual engagement, a range of interactive activities that can be tailored to the preference of the learning outcome desired by individual teachers, including creative writing, artistic interpretation, or critical thinking activities, and unique personal anecdotes from field-based research experience. All of these activities are able to be completed remotely, and all resources necessary are provided upon purchase. 

    This program is most suitable for primary, but may be adapted for secondary students.

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