Marine Litter Project

About Our Program

Litter is a significant threat to marine environments worldwide. Each year, thousands of animals are killed due to entanglements or from ingesting plastics. From spending thousands of hours on the water conducting our applied marine mammal research, Marine Mammal Foundation directly witnesses the huge impact our litter has on our marine mammals and their environment. Given our research focus, we are uniquely positioned to educate on the litter threat, provide action initiatives, and reduce long-term litter loads.

Our Marine Litter Project (Bin Not Bay, Litter Free Lakes, and Bin Not Beach) empowers action through innovative education designed to inspire appreciation, highlight our amazing marine biodiversity, the impact of our litter, and encourage better consumer choice, creating long-lasting change in behaviour.

Alongside traditional beach clean-up actions and litter audits, our innovative and interactive education programs evoke action and long-term behaviour change, and a RETHINK mentality via compassion for dolphins, seals, and whales. Inspiring connection to the environment via appreciation of our amazing mammals creates concern, concern creates care, and care creates change.

If you would like more information or to book one of our programs, please email education@marinemammal.org.au or complete the enquiry form.

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