Litter Free Lakes

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Litter Free Lakes

The Gippsland Lakes is one of Victoria’s, and the world’s, most spectacular marine environments. From the resident iconic and playful Burrunan dolphins, to the millions of migratory birds and RAMSAR listed wetlands, the Gippsland Lakes is treasured by locals and tourists alike.

However, while the local community and environment are intrinsically linked, this fragile and complex ecosystem faces many threats which are unfortunately caused by us! Our litter and waste is a significant problem, with thousands of animals killed from entanglements and plastic ingestion each year. Annually, an estimated 12.5 million metric tonnes of plastic enter the world’s oceans! Fortunately, this is a problem that we can fix! Research suggests that litter in our region is staying local, therefore we have a great opportunity to take action.

Litter Free Lakes, as part of Marine Mammal Foundation’s Marine Litter Project, is designed to inspire appreciation of the Gippsland Lakes’ amazing marine biodiversity, while highlighting the impact of our litter to encourage action and create long-lasting behaviour change to protect our unique marine life, including the amazing Burrunan dolphin.

Litter Free Lakes provides simple and effective take-home strategies to inspire and educate the current and next-generation to reduce the impacts of marine litter. Through interactive demonstrations, underwater videos, and hands-on beach clean-ups and litter audits, Litter Free Lakes’ innovative education program promotes actions and long-term behaviour change, and a RETHINK mentality to create change in our local marine environments.

To get your school or community group involved in Litter Free Lakes by emailing MMF at outreach@marinemammal.org.au.

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