MMF Education Program – bookings now open for 2019!

MMF Education Program – bookings now open for 2019!

The Marine Mammal Foundation’s innovation Education program is taking bookings for the 2019 school year!

It was exciting to read that Dr Kate’s discovery of the Burrunan was featured on this year’s VCE biology exam. The dolphin discovery features in our curriculum-based education programs, bringing this real applied science from local research organisations, and from across the world, into your classroom.

Many young people do not have the opportunity to engage with applied science research during their school life; often students’ understanding of what research really involves only develops during tertiary education, if they choose to pursue a related area of study.  Current reports show that STEM related careers (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are associated with 75% of the fastest growing occupations, and we aim to translate STEM skills and creative problem-solving into all of our programs. Reports also demonstrate that bringing industry professionals into the classroom is one of the most effective ways to encourage students to pursue these future careers.

All our programs have an introductory presentation and a practical activity where students can interact with the learning material, share their ideas and consolidate learnings. We bring all materials and resources to you for easy, no-fuss incursions! We bring the science alive by taking students on the journey of the discovery of the local, endangered Burrunan dolphin, highlighting the significance of our local marine environments and the threats they are facing, and empowering them to make a positive difference through sustainable action initiatives

So why is showcasing science research important during school? The fundamentals of scientific methodology are demonstrated to students through our programs. We distinguish ourselves by creating that connection to place and fostering a sense of environmental stewardship. Not only do we bring exciting contemporary discoveries into the classroom, we challenge students to think critically and creatively, extrapolate ideas and engage in peer-to-peer inquiry-based learning – all important skills that will help them throughout their studies and well into their future careers!

To find out more about our exciting programs or to book please contact Marie at education@marinemammal.org.au

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