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MMF is a small not-for-profit ACNC Registered Charity organisation making amazing contributions to applied research, education, outreach and the conservation of marine mammals and their environment.

We rely upon the generosity of the community, environmental and sustainability conscious partners who want to support the protection and conservation of marine mammals in Australia.

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The donation form to the left supports either PayPal or credit card (via a PayPal guest account).

Cheques can be made out to Australian Marine Mammal Conservation Foundation and sent via post to:

Australian Marine Mammal Conservation Foundation,
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Foundation Donation

MMF is a small not-for-profit ACNC Registered Charity organisation making amazing contributions to applied research, education, outreach and the conservation of marine mammals and their environment…rest assured you will know that every contribution to MMF goes a long way to achieving our big mission, especially in the conservation of the iconic and endangered Burrunan dolphin! Every little bit counts and we thank you for your continuing support.

Foundation donations will go toward the everyday expenses associated with running the Foundation and expenses that cannot be incorporated into typical grant/funding applications BUT are required to enable hands-on volunteering and internships opportunities, the purchase of required technologies like computers, and to keep our doors open, lights on, internet going and the community involved.

Project Burrunan + Research

The Burrunan dolphin (Tursiops australis) was formally described as a new species in 2011 by MMFs Founding Director Dr Kate Robb (Charlton-Robb) and is already listed as “Endangered”. Project Burrunan is MMF’s Flagship research project, is the only one of it’s kind with a specific focus of the Burrunan. The species is characterise by small, isolated and genetically distinct populations, and with <200 Burrunan dolphin in Victorian water, there is much we do to understand and conserve the species. We will be conducting an important population and health assessment on the two know resident population of Burrunan dolphin; Port Phillip Bay and the Gippsland Lakes. The MMF Research Team uses a variety of scientific methodologies from boat-based surveys, geospatial mapping, behavioural assessments, photographic identification of dorsal fins, acoustic repertoire assessment, marine soundscape monitoring via passive acoustic monitoring stations, UAVs and genomics! This project is a crucial to better understand and protect the Burrunan dolphin, not only for conservation of biodiversity, but also for future generations to enjoy!

Marine Champions

The Marine Mammal Foundation’s Marine Champions program is our flagship youth engagement program. It provides the opportunity for school students aged 10-18 years to share their passion for marine mammals, conservation, and the environment. Marine Champions are provided with the tools and support to create, develop, and share their own projects.

Under the guidance of Marine Champion Leaders, our Champions are given the opportunity to work closely with our MMF core team, to participate in a variety of unique activities, learn more about marine science and sustainability, and participate in hands-on actions and MMF guided expeditions. Through unique education opportunities, learning experiences and hands-on action, participants are given the knowledge and tools to gain a stronger understanding of marine science and sustainability, equipping them to become future marine scientists and the leaders of tomorrow.

With your support, the Marine Champions program will have access to the resources it needs to reach its full potential.

Education and Outreach

At the Marine Mammal Foundation, we believe education is integral to conservation. MMF’s innovative and exciting education and community outreach programs combine real applied science with learning. They are an integral pillar of our conservation mission, providing the opportunity for direct community engagement, raising awareness, and positive action. Given our research focus, we are uniquely positioned to bring real-world STEM knowledge to the public. We are incredibly lucky to work alongside such amazing animals, and we believe it is important to share the findings of our applied research with the people who matter the most – our local community members who live, work, and play in our marine environments.

Designed to inspire a passion for science, the environment, and Australia’s incredible biodiversity, MMF’s education and outreach programs have proven effective in bringing real science into the classroom and the clubhouse! It is important to ensure all stakeholders and communities are informed of marine conservation issues, so that together we can ensure what we do today creates a better tomorrow.

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