Dolphin Discovery

dolphin discovery program

Dolphin Discovery

Our Burrunan dolphins are not only special because they are found no-where else in the world, but each and every one of them is unique in their own way. From how they look to who they spend time with, our Burrunan dolphins lives are each as different as ours!

Marine Mammal Foundation’s Dolphin Discovery workshop is an entertaining and interactive program where you can learn about many of your local individual dolphins. By demonstrating our Find-ID methodology, MMF’s experienced team will introduce you to some of our amazing resident Burrunan’s. From Jimmy, to Lucky, to Slim, MMF will detail some of our most recognisable dolphins and some of our experiences with them, so you will get to know them as intimately as we do!

Dolphin Discovery will also introduce you to the amazing marine environment our resident Burrunan dolphins call home, and the importance of their interactions with seals, whales, and fish.

Get involved in our Dolphin Discovery and learn all about these amazing animals by contacting MMF at outreach@marinemammal.org.au.

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