Discovery Program

About Our Program

MMFs Discovery programs are more general marine related programs designed to give a holistic and interactive experience. The programs draw on our applied research of the local Burrunan dolphins, explore our other marine mammals, and the importance of our oceans.

The programs are aimed at schools, community groups and school holiday programs. They can be tailored to particular ‘event days’, such as World Oceans Day; special events raising awareness of local and international issues; or for fun interactive school holiday activities.

Dolphin Discovery
Become a dolphin reseracher, get hands on with dolphin skulls and learn how we identify each of our resident Burrunan dolphins
Marine Mammals...Cool!
Learn all about our amazing marine mammals, from the largest animal on earth, the Blue whale, to the playful but stinky seals!
Our amazing Oceans
With 70% of our earth being water and 97% of that being ocean, we learn about the wonders of the oceans and how it drives our enviorment. We discuss our impact and ways to make a difference!
Get involved in our Dolphin Discovery and learn all about these amazing animals by contacting MMF at outreach@marinemammal.org.au.

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