Bin Not Bay 2

Bin Not Bay 2

Each year, millions of people enjoy the wonders of Port Phillip Bay. Whether it be enjoying the bay above the water through boating, fishing, and coastal walks, or experiencing the marine life first-hand through snorkelling and SCUBA diving, Port Phillip Bay has something to offer for everyone.

Unfortunately, unsustainable practice of these activities can come at a cost to the marine environment. Irresponsible boating, fishing pollution, and litter endangers the wonders of our Bay. Each year, thousands of marine animals are killed through plastic entanglements and ingestion. As the population of Melbourne is expected to exceed 8 million by 2050, these problems will only become worse!

Building on the learnings of Bin Not Bay, Bin Not Bay 2 expands MMF’s Marine Environment Litter Program by demonstrating how litter loads are transported through marine environments, not only impacting local species such as the Burrunan dolphin, but has the capacity to influence distant communities. Using the incredible humpback whale migration, Bin Not Bay 2 details how litter from local communities can have devastating big-picture impacts on the health of the marine environment.

Bin Not Bay 2 demonstrates how cooperation between community groups, schools, government, and industry can help reduce litter loads and keep our marine environments safe and healthy! Innovative and interactive education activities empower communities to work together to take ownership of their local environments, making long-term behaviour change and encouraging a RETHINK mentality to create long-lasting change.

To get your school or community group involved in Bin Not Bay 2 by emailing MMF at outreach@marinemammal.org.au.

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